Update on Childcare Voucher Deadline

14 Mar 2018

Further to our post yesterday regarding the deadline for Childcare Vouchers, the employer-backed scheme, used by up to 450,000 parents, was due to be closed to new entrants on 5 April 2018. However the deadline has now been extended for a further six months.

The new state-run Childcare Choices Account provides support of up to £2,000 a year, but has suffered a variety of glitches on the HMRC website and thousands of people have been unable to either set up tax-free accounts, or access the money they had paid into them.

Those unable to access the tax-free childcare payments have been paid a total of £966,666, while nearly £40,000 in compensation has been paid to parents for inconvenience and expenses incurred.

We hope to be able to update you shortly, however if you require more information, please call Katy Booth on 01482 228488 or email kbooth@cbasadofskys.co.uk.

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