A bridge too near

21 Apr 2020

You may have seen photos of the Westminster Bridge 'Clap For Carers', a very laudable event in some respects, but it looked quite alarming in terms of social distancing as people crowded together.

It was a strange, strange decision by the police particularly when they take great pains to enforce the rules on others. It could of course have been the particular position of the view as this can produce the effect known as foreshortening. Again this is something my wife can confirm.

She is becoming quite a reference resource isn't she? It's a pity I am not getting paid anything for doing these as I could in-turn pay her. When I have no further confirmation requirements I could then furlough her quicker than a Premier League Club would furlough someone on minimum wage. An opportunity lost.

We are all aware of the reasons for lockdown and social distancing, though you can always find cogent arguments from experts who suggest doing things a different way, as in Sweden. Time will tell.

The problem is that if you laid all of the experts in the world end-to-end, they still wouldn't reach a conclusion. Whereas, if you laid all of the contestants in Love Island end-to-end nobody would be in the least bit surprised.

I blame the government. They should have procured a better supply of experts and had them stored ready in big sheds, it was so obvious.

C19 Song Of The Day

Tonight's effort is from Dave Bahn Of Keystone MIS and it is Tiffany with 'I Think We're Alone Now’.

This might have been said by a couple, out for their permitted walk, as they stopped in the middle of Westminster Bridge to gaze a while at the restoration work on Big Ben (no foreshortening there according to my wife).

They would have had quite a shock when they turned around to apparently find the most over zealous enforcement effort so far.

Also anyone who remembers Tiffany's nightclub will be aware that no-one was alone for too long once sufficient drink had been consumed.

C19 Support Shorts

1)  Anomalies continue to crop up on furlough reclaims such as; Early Years Nurseries in receipt of DSG funding and also, the effect on employees who have to make Child Maintenance Service payments. If you have any queries on these we will try to help as best we can.

2) A detailed email with relevant links to help was sent out yesterday.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email jclark@cbasadofskys.co.uk

Kind regards,

Arn Hem

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