For Whom The Bell Tolls

22 Apr 2020

On my phone calendar it says today is Earth Day. No I don't know either.

Maybe it means the Earth ends today? It's certainly been heading in that direction recently so I had better get this last bulletin finished and get down the pub to get…oh.

I blame the government, I bet that gigantic chocolate egg shield is defective and they don't trust us enough to tell us the truth in case we panic that life will never be the same again. At least a meteorite strike should produce enough heat to burn off all of the C19 so perhaps all is not lost.

I mentioned Big Ben yesterday, which of course is a large clock tower (I had to be really careful spelling the description after the additional information) near the seat of government.

Except it isn't actually, much to the dismay of the pedantic nerds who were about to email me. Big Ben is really the name of the giant bell and when it rings it does indeed sound like it is announcing the end of the world.

Fortunately it is not working at the moment, so hopefully, I have got it all wrong, particularly as I can’t get to the pub.

Also not working of course are the clocks on Elizabeth Tower (as it is now officially called). This seems to be appropriate as we are stuck in time, waiting to find out when we can all go out to play again. If you like conspiracy theories I regret to advise you that the clocks are not due to be working again until 2021. Dong.

We better hope they don’t put any 5G transmitters on the top or it will be a short lived restoration.

C19 Song Of The Day

Tonight's is from Katy Booth, our Corporate Finance Director, and it is 'Time Warp' by Richard O’Brien.

Katy also oversees our payroll department so at the moment she must think she is in a time warp as people keep asking the same question over and over.

Time Warp also features in The Rocky Horror Show of course. Can't say I have ever seen it but from what I know of it, a character called Big Ben would fit in quite well

C19 Support Shorts

Not a lot new today other than reminders that fraudsters are trying to cash in on the current situation so everyone needs to be vigilant when receiving emails or texts from 'HMRC' etc., offering help. Dong.

Kind regards,

Q Modo

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