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03 Jul 2020

C19 Escapism

I thought I would come out of hibernation for tonight, like Boris, as we are on the eve of a major milestone on the road to normal Saturday night A&E usage. Yes the pubs are open tomorrow to provide escapism to the masses.

There are a small number of pubs called the The Last Post throughout the country and no doubt they will have the appearance of the eve of a new year rather than a major milestone.

In fact all bars will be rammed apart from those in Leicester or those that do nails, for some reason.

Did you know that the Last Post army bugle call is derived from an old Dutch signal meaning that beer taps had to be closed? No wonder it is used on sombre occasions.

Otherwise things are plodding slowly on the road, as will motorists in Hull from July 13th when the bus lanes change to all day operation, to recovery. However Boris is determined to give the economy a boost as confirmed by the below.

Press release

PM: Build, Build, Build

PM Boris Johnson has announced the most radical reforms to our planning system since the Second World War, making it easier to build better homes where people want to live.

 Published 30 June 2020

From: Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing Street

Clearly Dominic Cummings read, after putting on his driving specs, the bulletin of 27th April and I reckon every other one. I am therefore an official influencer.

Whereas tomorrow I will merely be under the influence like everyone else.

In world news Putin is full of himself, like a Russian doll, after securing leadership of the country until 2036 and perhaps beyond if everlasting life has been perfected by then. It must be nice to be so popular with the proletariat. There are people in Downing Street taking notes.

Brian Cox, actor, currently stars in a series on HBO called 'Succession'. Putin thinks it's rubbish.

C19 Song Of The Day

A very appropriate one from Brian Cook is 'Hurry Up Harry' by Sham 69 - not for the title so much but the raucous chorus which is 'We're going down the pub'.

Which will no doubt later be followed by 'What Am I Doing Here' by the Moody Blues as suggested by Stuart Horrocks.

Just so long as we don't hear 'Going Down, Going Down, Going Down' for City following their unexpected three points yesterday, time will tell.

C19 Support Shorts

1) Flexible furloughing is now possible which is very useful so to compensate for that HMRC have teamed it up with illogical calculation rules.

2) Insolvency rules have been relaxed to give companies and directors more protection in difficult financial and trading conditions. Which makes it even more surprising that Wigan Athletic have been plunged into administration shortly after a takeover.

Welcome news around here though if they get a twelve point deduction.


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