The Mask Of Sorrow

15 Jun 2020

C19 Escapism

Today was the first day that the wearing of masks on public transport and in hospitals became compulsory and resembled the sort of Monday Bob Geldof was thinking of in 1979.

This has dampened spirits after a nice weekend, when many have been able to enjoy a cheeky 'takeaway' beer in the sun, near a pub and all seemed reasonably normal.

However, with buses now resembling mobile operating theatres (actually there is a thought everything else is delivered these days it would save on exorbitant hospital parking charges), it is a stark visual reminder that all is not yet well.

Maybe that is the point because scientific opinion on the effectiveness of masks is divided just for a change. Though Trump says he swears by those made out of old tea bags stitched together, someone told him on Twitter.

Over the past three months there has been unprecedented use of unprecedented and we will soon be in the situation where bank cashiers will press the alarm button, if someone walks in to the branch NOT wearing a mask.

Bank managers wearing masks will presumably be known as The Loan Arranger.

C19 Song Of The Day

Two tonight from Leonie Freeman of Humberside Excavations were both relevant and I couldn't split them so what the hell let's enjoys ourselves.

We have 'Cover Me' by Bruce Springsteen and 'Behind The Mask' by Fleetwood Mac.

C19 Support Shorts

HMRC confirmed that if anyone forgot to cancel their DD and paid VAT which could have deferred, they can now obtain a refund so all is not lost.

Yorkshire Places

No 6 Beach Final

No 7 Do Lazy People Live Here? (look Hull was number 1 ok?)

No 8 Tiny Amount Of Sugar (Humphrey will know this one)

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