Yorkshire Stingo

04 Jun 2020

C19 Escapism

Not many new developments in C19 world recently so to liven things up how about a quiz with a prize for the winner? Simply answer this question:-

Are you aware that in 1892 there was a pub in Witham called Yorkshire Stingo? Only two possible answers, or three if you include don't know, and happily all are bound to be correct.

The prize is an all expenses trip to New York. You must be able to depart, perhaps this mortal coil, this weekend.

The only other stipulation is that you must take your own mask. Not due to C19 but so that you can go on the guided looting tour of Times Square.

I am now aware of the pub as our Tom Jeffrey sent me a list of Old Ale Houses that he had found. Why he thought I might be interested I do not know, it wasted hours of my time reading it.

However, I was already familiar with the name Yorkshire Stingo. It is not as you may think a local tribute act to the superstar whose biggest solo hit is: 'I'm An Englishman In New York', so he will not be bothering with the quiz having already sampled its delights.

In fact, he announced today that he is rewriting an old Police hit to bring it up to date - 'Every Breath You Take On Public Transport Will Be Through An As Yet Undefined Face Covering'. I think I prefer the original.

No the Yorkshire Stingo I am thinking of is a special strong ale brewed by Sam Smiths. It is aged for at least a year in oak casks to give a very rich flavour and at 8%, if you have a few you know that you have been Stingoed. Apparently the phrase is 18th century slang for strong beer so now you know, not that you wanted to.

Sam Smiths itself is an interesting company noted for selling only its own products in its pubs and very cheaply. It also restores old pubs to a very high standard while banning music and the use of mobile devices in them.

The chairman Humphrey Smith is a real character known for turning up unannounced to check the pubs and if you review the stories about him you will see that there is scope for a documentary series that would make Tiger King look tame.

C19 Song Of The Day

Tonight's is from Leonie Freeman of Humberside Excavations and it is 'Money For Nothing' by Dire Straits

Of course many businesses are in dire straits and they do indeed need money. Though it will not be for nothing, it will be to keep them going if possible.

C19 Support Shorts

Some money which falls into the above category is the Self Employed Income Support Scheme which has usefully been extended by three months, claims possible from August.

If anyone eligible has not claimed the first tranche yet applications for this close 13th July.

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