I'm forever blowing bubbles

15 May 2020

C19 Escapism

Have you noticed how the government keeps floating out ideas like bubbles, see how high they go before they burst?

One was actually about bubbles themselves, of the number of people you might be able to mix with. When that burst it was then one from outside your household and outside your house, I think.

It still seems therefore that the only way your dear old mother can come and see you is if she is interested in actually buying your house rather than just visiting it. It's all for the best though, whatever the best may be.

Then it was a 14 day quarantine period for people returning to the country. That bubble burst when it was announced that return from France would be excluded from this. Why?

That very question was asked tonight at the press conference, specifically was there any scientific rationale for this. It was not answered.

My own view is that it is because the London Luvvies don't fancy a quick week in Provence becoming a twin centre holiday with a further two weeks in a tin hut somewhere near Dover.

Or perhaps the vile people traffickers who regularly hurl dinghies crammed full of illegal immigrants onto the beaches of southern England (or the waiting border force taxi boats) complained that it would affect their trade and impinge upon their human rights.

On the positive side, it was announced that a successful test for establishing the existence of antibodies had been developed. This was seen to be good news yet I distinctly remember Dougal from Father Ted was very unhappy when he considered the possibility of the existence of the antisanta. I am confused.

C19 Song Of The Day

Tonight's is from Andy Acum of Mercury Group and it is 'Confusion' by New Order.

Certainly plenty of confusion around as I may have alluded to earlier in this bulletin. And a new order or as the London Luvvies like to call it the new normal.

It was nice to get back to a bit of the old normal today when a client told me that his business just floated.

I advised him to change his diet.

C19 Support Shorts

The Self Employed Income Support Scheme continues to work well though HMRC made a specific point today of saying that agents should not use clients' own login details because, despite trying to be helpful, that may actually delay the refund while additional security checks are carried out.

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