The Hamshank Redemption

26 May 2020

C19 Escapism

You may recall that in the last bulletin I made a small joke at the expense of the banjo.

This prompted a communication from a Mr.H.Billy of Louisiana who was very annoyed about this.

It turns out that he is a skilled banjo player, though normally he prefers to play in a duet with a guitar. He says that he is going to pay me a visit as he needs to test his eyesight. 

He then asked if I had seen Deliverance because he was going to 'make me squeal like a pig'. I am not familiar with his terminology but I believe it may be a nuance of Cajun music.

I am therefore excited to experience this for myself. I will let you know how I get on...

C19 Song Of The Day

Tonight's is from Ian Brickman and it is 'I Fought The Law And The Law Won' by The Clash.

Though after the weekend's Cummings and goings stories maybe it should be 'I Fought The Law And The Law It Turns Out Can Be Interpreted To Suit'

In that spirit, since the shenanigans have produced a flurry of song suggestions, I have decided to have several songs of the day. Who says I can't?

So we also have from Sarah Meanwell 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go'. Also by The Clash funnily enough and I doubt the punk rockers ever thought their songs would be referenced in such a manner though they would no doubt enjoy it

From Tom Jeffrey we have 'On The Road Again' by Willie Nelson. Actually I wonder if Mr Billy is familiar with Willie Nelson. I will ask him when he comes.

C19 Support Shorts

A reminder that the latest portal has now opened, relating to the SSP refund where appropriate for employees who went off sick due to C19. It is not such a major thing as some of the others, being a max of around £190 per relevant employee, but worth having when entitled.

Did you see Boris Johnson playing Dizzee Rascal again, this time on Jools Holland on Friday? Very convincing.

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