Yeah, Yeah, It's Not Fair

22 May 2020

C19 Escapism

There were two big blows yesterday, not unexpectedly, to the local social scene.

Hull Fair, which has been on the go for over 700 years and attracts huge crowds, was cancelled for the first time since WW2.

Humber Street Sesh, a more recent development but also very popular, was cancelled. The only bright spot about this is that if you look at the picture used on the Hull Daily Mail website, there is a very unsavoury looking character at the very front of the queue for Grapefruit Beer. We can do without these types in the City Centre.

By the way Grapefruit Beer might sound disgusting if you have never tried it, but this one made by Schofferhofer (umlaut needed again) is delicious on a warm day. German you see they always get things right don't they?

In addition to the above two events, Freedom Festival has already been announced as cancelled so it really is going to be Dull In Hull for the rest of the year.

It looks like all we will have to do is work (if we can) and drink ourselves stupid at home. We need to keep our spirits up so here is a very short music based quiz.

Q. What is the definition of having perfect musical pitch?

A.  The ability to toss a banjo into a skip from 25 yards.

C19 Song Of The Day is from our Gemma Wilde and it is 'Beautiful Boy' by John Lennon.

Gemma justifiably took umbrage at my suggestion last night that she should get her act together, saying that producing a beautiful boy was more impressive than playing a guitar.

That's certainly true but I don't think she would want thousands of people watching her do it. Though if so it would be about the only thing thousands of people can watch for the foreseeable future.

C19 Support Shorts

The discretionary small business grant was launched today by Hull City Council and other councils should have similar offerings. Designed to help businesses which have not qualified for previous help for one reason or another it is worth looking into and a detailed email was sent out earlier today.

Finally in the 'more bizarre that I could write slot', Gilts were recently issued with a negative yield for the first time ever. Basically investors are paying the Government for the privilege of lending money to it on the basis that it is supposedly a fairly safe place for it.

We need music, sport, pubs, theatres and the like to be able to escape from stuff like this. Maybe next year...

Kind regards


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