08 Jun 2020

C19 Escapism 

Following the success, which as Phil Brown said on the City Hall balcony in 2008 is a journey not a destination, of the last quiz I am announcing Alan Partridge style a new regular feature of the bulletin.

Britain loves a quiz which is handy since that's what many of the government C19 updates seem to resemble. Punters are left scratching their heads about it all afterwards, last Friday it was NHS heads who no-one had seen fit to inform, that face masks were going to be made compulsory in hospitals. Nice little surprise to ruin whatever was left of their weekend.

It is easy to criticise though as I have said previously and before doing so you should really walk a mile in the other person's shoes. Then when you insult them you are a mile away. And you have their shoes.

Quizzes are naturally susceptible to cheating such as the famous Coughing Major incident in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. It could never happen today of course as he would be immediately escorted from the studio and told to self isolate.

There was no chance of cheating on my last quiz as no-one bothered to enter. I therefore did not have to weasel my way out of providing an all expenses trip to New York, hence I judged it a success.

Tonight's quiz is Yorkshire Places and there is no glittering prize just smug Satisfaction (Rolling Stones) so no cheating issues here. The list was kindly sent to me by David Marsh who does not live in Hull but appropriately No1 was 'Bottom Of A Boat' so I am not even going to trouble you with that one.

However Hull has certainly been the No1 football team overall in Yorkshire since the 2008 occasion mentioned above. The fixtures have now unfortunately been announced for the remainder of the season and that accolade is unlikely to repeat itself for some time, if ever.

No2 is a maybe fairly well known also - Famous For Chops.

No3 probably a bit trickier - A Public School With Five Bars.

C19 Song Of The Day

Tonight's is from Andy Hinchliffe of Eureka Growing Systems and it is George Thorogood with 'I Drink Alone' and this seems likely to remain the case for some time yet apart from members of immediate household and protest participators.

I once saw George Thorogood accidentally, I say that as he was support to The Rolling Stones at Roundhay Park in Leeds 1982. It was a better outcome than the one endured by a man in Guangdong who according to Daily Mail website today had to have a fish removed from his rectum after 'accidentally' sitting on it.

The Chinese are unlucky with their accidents at the moment aren't they? Song 19 of the above concert was 'Hang Fire' which suggests another hazard to mankind Chinese Lanterns. The 25th and final song was what you will get if you answer No3

C19 Support Shorts

The dreaded VAT reverse charge on construction services has been put back again until March 2021 as businesses have enough to contend with without this unnecessary rubbish and hopefully it will be scrapped altogether.


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