C19s R Us

18 May 2020

C19 Escapism

A few things have been cleared up over the weekend.

I now realise it is even harder to do a backwards R on a computer keyboard than an umlaut. Only because there was a story that the R rate is currently higher in Yorkshire than anywhere else which is not good, but hopefully just a blip.

Also the 14 day quarantine rule which is going to apply, but which was then said was not going to apply to France, is now apparently going to apply to France after all. 

However, don't worry a team of experts are working on this 24 hours a day, translating the words of The Hokey Cokey into French.

Which all reminds me of something once said by Donald Rumsfeld the American Defence Secretary during the Iraq war about uncertainty. Even more strangely it was recently on a webinar about auditing estimates and the four possible attributes of information:-

- Known Knowns - fairly self explanatory I would have thought.

- Known Unknowns - like when you know Trump has said something but you are not sure what the hell he is talking about.

- Unknown Knowns - like you know this nightmare will be over one day but you don't know when.

- Unknown Unknowns - these are the dangerous ones, like the aforementioned meteorite which might be out there somewhere hurtling towards us. Or what Trump might say next week.

C19 Song Of The Day

Tonight's is another one from Garry Clutterbrook of Achieve Potentials. If you are wondering how he gets so many in well he was previously the manager of Sydney Scarborough the famous record shop, under the City Hall, Hull.

It is 'Madman Across The Water' by Elton John.

Unfortunately I can't think of anything to relate it to, sorry.

C19 Support Shorts

Just a reminder that if you have had any staff on SSP in this period it will be possible to reclaim two weeks' worth if it was C19 related. However, the mechanism still does not yet exist so make a note to self to check later. It's an Unknown Known at the moment.

Finally, another 'more bizarre than i could have written' moment. On BBC Sport there is a story about sex dolls being used by a South Korean football team to provide a 'crowd' for a televised match.

I was open mouthed when I read that.

Kind regards,


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