08 May 2020

I have mentioned before how things sometimes appear unexpectedly. Usually it is one or more Brian Coxes but today, it was Mondegreen.

I was doing some work research and there it was. It means according to the first result which came up: a misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase resulting from the mishearing of the lyrics of a song.

That's rather specific isn't it? It's almost a description of these bulletins, I mean who has ever heard of Boris The Builder? Well, you have now, but only because it was a Mondegreen previously.

If you have heard the word before I would be interested in you keeping that fact to yourself, no-one likes a show off.

I will have a think about using it regularly but I hate people who use unusual words just to try and impress people. I find it inimical.

To be fair though my solipsism has let to ultracrepidarianism in previous mondegreens for which I humbly apologise.

I bet the members of the club for people that hate me use big words. I haven't mentioned it recently but I thought I would dust if off the shelf as I mentioned the founder above and also I am running short of short words to fill this mondegreen.

The club I think will evolve into a cult which will end its days under a pall of smoke on live television. At least there will be something on for a change then apart from bloody C19 latest.

C19 Song Of The Day

Today's is from Jess Clark of Divine Clark PR and it is 'Isolation' by Joy Division.

Not much joy in isolation is there it brings on a feeling of tristesse.

Not much hope of an end to isolation in the immediate future either by the sound of things, unless you are involved in government of course in which case it's not a problem in the first place.

C19 Support Shorts

HMRC are making it much easier to set up a Government Gateway ID in order to claim the self employed relief SEISS and details were emailed earlier.

Remember we cannot claim on your behalf despite the fact we file your returns.

It was apparently much quicker for HMRC to set it up that way so fair enough, needs must. We will of course assist you with the process as required.

Kind regards,


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